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Based on geometric results obtained by an algorithmic video (sequence) evaluation, a generic conceptual representation will be instantiated into a representation of the specific temporal developments within the recorded scene. Such an instantiated conceptual representation will in turn provide the input for a text generation subsystem. This contribution(More)
'Occurrence' denotes a perceived element of a spatio-temporal development. In many languages, for example in English and German, occurrences correspond to verbphrases. We converted programmed recognition au-tomata for German occurrence representations related to road traffic scenes into English occurrence specifications suitable for manipulation by a Fuzzy(More)
Our image sequence interpretation process, which generates conceptual descriptions of the behaviour of vehicles in real-world traac scenes, essentially treated only a single vehicle (the agent) so far. Simultaneous behaviours of other vehicles in the scene have been formulated only relative to the agent. The approach discussed in this contribution allows us(More)
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