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OMG’s SPEM – by means of its (semi-)formal notation – allows for a detailed description of development processes and methodologies, but can only be used for a rather coarse description of their behavior. Concepts for a more fine-grained behavior model are considered out of scope of the SPEM standard and have to be provided by other standards like BPDM/BPMN(More)
OMG’s SPEM standard allows for a detailed modeling of software development processes and methods, but only a rather coarse description of their behavior. This gap can be filled by extending SPEM with a fine-grained behavior modeling concept based on UML activities and state machines. In order to gain full benefit from detailed software process models(More)
Modern cars contain a multitude of micro controllers for a wide area of tasks. The micro controllers are connected to controller networks through different bus systems. The development of a connected and cooperating system is difficult and poorly supported by the existing development tools. With the KESO system we have implemented a very small and adapted(More)
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