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This article provides a critical review of scientific, peer reviewed, articles on Facebook between 2006 and 2012. The review shows that while there are yet numerous articles on various aspects of the social network site, there are still many gaps to be filled. Also, due to the limited scope of many articles (in sample sizes as well as in the number of(More)
This article provides an overview of the literature on nonprofit principal-agent relationships. It depicts the nature of agency theory and stewardship theory, analyzes the origin of their struggle within the nonprofit structure, and marks directions for a conciliatory approach. We open with an introduction to agency theory and discuss the two main(More)
AIM To identify the features young nurses look for in their job (job motives) and the features they look for in work in general (work values). BACKGROUND In view of the shortage of appropriately educated and motivated nurses, a study of the motivational profile of the new generation nurses may provide additional insights. METHOD In a survey, 344 newly(More)
BACKGROUND Rewards are important in attracting, motivating and retaining the most qualified employees, and nurses are no exception to this rule. This makes the establishment of an efficient reward system for nurses a true challenge for every hospital manager. A reward does not necessarily have a financial connotation: non-financial rewards may matter too,(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a review of the literature on community nurses' job satisfaction, including research using different scales and settings, what is known to date and directions for future research. BACKGROUND Job satisfaction is one of the strongest predictors of intent to stay and retention of nurses. An adequate understanding of the sources(More)
This study examined the underlying dimensions of the Pay Satisfaction Questionnaire to test whether the robust 4-factor structure (Pay Level, Benefits, Raises, and Structure or Administration) often established in the United States can be generalized to other countries and cultures as well. Data of 4 samples (for-profit employees, nonprofit nurses, cultural(More)
The vagus nerve is strategically located in the body, and has multiple homeostatic and health-promoting effects. Low vagal activity predicts onset and progression of diseases. These are the reasons to activate this nerve. This study examined the effects of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (t-VNS) on a main index of vagal activity, namely heart rate(More)
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