Ralf Buschermöhle

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This paper presents how a model-based development process can be enhanced by the combination of using Live Sequence Charts (LSC) as the formal language to describe interactions together with automatic formal verification techniques that decide whether communication sequences are exhibitable or adhered to by the system. We exemplify our approach on the(More)
Traditionally formal papers bridge interpretation gaps of informal OMG specifications. The papers are often not holistic but rather concentrate on certain aspects of the original specification. This increases often the gap between research and practice because it is difficult to understand and combine different semantic methodologies. This paper formalizes(More)
An approach for tight coupling of process models and software development tools — with the metaphor of component-based software development environments — supporting “eXecutable Process Models” (XPM) is presented. In this paper, we focus on the direction from the components of a software development environment towards the process models in order to(More)
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