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By-wire systems have been established for several years in the area of aircraft construction and there are now approaches to utilize this technology in vehicles. The required electronic systems must evidently be available and safe. In the same time the requirements of mass production have to be reached (long life time, long maintainability intervals, low(More)
This paper addresses the development of fault-tolerant distributed real-time systems using the TTP protocol. It's a protocol-specific characteristic that a TTP real-time system only works when all nodes are connected to the bus system. This is a severe obstacle for the projectability of such real-time systems since system parts are often developed by(More)
Over the last 10 years, the focus of development in automation engineering has changed fundamentally. In the past hardware development was the main task. Nowadays software development is becoming more and more important. At present the success in complex automation projects depends mainly on the faultless operation of the software. Without new methods in(More)
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