Ralf Baumgarten

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Acute hepatitis A superimposed on chronic liver disease (CLD) has been associated with severe or fulminant hepatitis. An open, multicenter study was performed to compare the safety and immunogenicity of an inactivated hepatitis A vaccine in patients with CLD with that in healthy subjects. A secondary objective was to compare the safety of the hepatitis A(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis, endotoxaemia is a frequent finding. Unknown mechanisms, however, prevent typical clinical symptoms of endotoxaemia in many patients. METHODS We determined plasma levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators, ex vivo cytokine secretion capacity, and expression of tumour necrosis factor (TNF)(More)
Fifty eight patients with chronic viral hepatitis B (HBV) were randomised in a prospectively controlled trial. Thirty patients were treated with 3 million units (MU) of interferon alfa-2b subcutaneously thrice weekly for four months. Twenty eight controls received no treatment. The follow up period after treatment was six months. Twenty eight treated(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The hepatitis C virus genotypes have been shown to be differently distributed between distinct geographical areas and to be associated with different clinical presentations. In the present study we investigated the distribution of HCV genotypes in 379 German patients with chronic hepatitis C in relation to age, sex, route of infection, liver(More)
A total of 58 patients with histologically confirmed chronic viral hepatitis B and presence of hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis B virus DNA (HBV DNA) in the serum were randomized in a prospectively controlled trial. Thirty patients were treated with 3 megaunits of recombinant interferon alfa-2b (INTRON A, R Schering-Plough, Essex Corporation)(More)
Colicky pain in the gallbladder region, hematemesis, melena and jaundice are symptoms of hemobilia. The underlying cause can be an arterio-biliary or a porto-biliary fistula, resulting in hemorrhage into the duodenum. Shunting may be intra- or extrahepatic and may originate from trauma, or from biliary, pancreatic or vascular lesions. Since 1976 liver(More)
Addiction, because of its associated psychological and physical diseases, is producing increasing expenses through social burden and influencing the epidemiological situation of the whole population via sexual or simple intimate social contacts. Outstanding infectious diseases with a high incidence in drug addicts are tuberculosis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B(More)
BACKGROUND Combination therapy with interferon alpha (IFNalpha) plus ribavirin has been shown to improve the sustained response rate in patients with chronic hepatitis C but there is little information regarding the lengths of time for this therapeutic regimen. In this study we therefore tried to evaluate whether the analysis of different virological(More)
A total of 37 patients with histologically confirmed chronic viral hepatitis B and presence of HBV-DNA and HBsAg in the serum were treated in a randomized, prospectively controlled multicenter trial either with recombinant IFN alpha-2b alone or a combination of IFN alpha-2b and recombinant IL-2. Twenty-two patients from group A were treated with 3 MU of IFN(More)
The availability of vaccines had made on Hepatitis A as well as Hepatitis B an avoidable illnesses. However, there is a lack of knowledge referring to the epidemiological situation. This might be due to the physician's as well as the patient's underestimation of the risk of a new infection but also insufficient knowledge about indication, management of(More)