Raleigh Jones

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BACKGROUND Oesophageal perforations are associated with high mortality and morbidity rates. A spectrum of aetiologies and clinical presentations has resulted in a variety of operative and non-operative management strategies. This analysis focused on the impact of these strategies in a single specialist centre. METHODS All patients with oesophageal(More)
This study evaluated the combined effect of Low Dose Fractionated Radiation (LDFRT) and Taxotere (TXT) therapy on the growth of SCCHN (squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck; SQ-20B, a p53 mutant SCCHN cell line) tumors in a nude mouse model to exploit the increased hyper radiation sensitivity (HRS) phenomenon present in G(2)/M cell cycle phase when(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of pancreatic proteases on the expression of the adhesion molecules Mac-1 and l-selectin on neutrophils, and the role of complement activation in this process. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Sequestration of neutrophils in the pancreatic and pulmonary microvasculature characterizes acute pancreatitis. METHODS Serum was collected(More)
The smoke of English cigarettes (flue-cured tobacco) greatly shortens the life of rats and damages the respiratory system, whereas that of the cigar (air-cured tobacco) is relatively harmless. This bears out two of the principal features in the 1971 Report of the Royal College of Physicians, which draws attention to the large number of premature deaths in(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the impact of waiting time on patient satisfaction scores; not only of satisfaction with the provider in general, but also with the specific perception of the quality of care and physician abilities. STUDY DESIGN Using surveys regarding patient satisfaction with provider care, data was collected from a sample of 11,352 survey(More)