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In this Account we highlight the experimental evidence in favor of our view that carbon nanotubes should be considered as a new macromolecular form of carbon with unique properties and with great potential for practical applications. We show that carbon nanotubes may take on properties that are normally associated with molecular species, such as solubility(More)
A novel hydrogen storage system based on the hydrogen release from catalytic dehydrogenative coupling of methanol and 1,2-diamine is demonstrated. The products of this reaction, N-formamide and N,N'-diformamide, are hydrogenated back to the free amine and methanol by a simple hydrogen pressure swing. Thus, an efficient one-pot hydrogen carrier system has(More)
Several donor (D)-acceptor (A) based molecules are rationally designed by adopting three different schemes in which the conjugation length, strength of the donor and acceptor moieties, and planarity of the molecules are varied. These variations are made by introducing a π-conjugated linkage unit, terminating the ends of the moieties by different electron(More)
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