Rakshit Agrawal

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In this publication, the authors describe KrishiEkta, an integrated knowledge distribution system for Indian Agriculture. KrishiEkta addresses the inadequate access of important information to various stakeholders in Indian agriculture. Access of rich internet platforms is not available to various farmers in small rural parts of the country. KrishiEkta(More)
In this publication, the authors present the concept to design a hand-held device for crop management (CMD). The proposed design is of a device capable of providing guidance to farmers with respect to irrigation, fertilization, scheduling of crop management and pest control. CMD incorporates modifications/additions in a low cost mobile phone converting it(More)
In this paper the authors design, develop and test two Smartphone applications for Indian agriculture workers. The problem under concern necessitates the need to take into consideration the low literacy level of Indian farmers. The authors also present results from two surveys, one with the farmers and other with phone dealers catering to a majority farmer(More)
Crowdsourcing and collaborative systems have become an important part of Computer Science system deployments. The research discussed in this paper designs and explores the use of collaborative systems for crowdsourced user participation in different kinds of tasks. Application focus of projects discussed here is mostly towards social good. This paper(More)
Many prediction problems can be phrased as inferences over local neighborhoods of graphs. The graph represents the interaction between entities, and the neighborhood of each entity contains information that allows the inferences or predictions. We present an approach for applying machine learning directly to such graph neighborhoods, yielding predicitons(More)
In this paper, the authors design a sensor network architecture for soil and weather data collection and database generation. A multi-sensor device containing sensors for extracting soil characteristics operates as the first component of this architecture. It connects to a mobile phone which further connects to a base server system. An XML file containing(More)
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