Rakmi Abdul Rahman

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The process control of pH in wastewater neutralisation and metal precipitation processes has been identified difficult to achieve via a normal conventional PID controller due to its non-linear and time-varying characteristics. Recently, controlling pH via fuzzy logic system that makes use of uncertain information and valuable human experience, has gained(More)
A pilot scale granular activated carbon-sequencing batch biofilm reactor with a capacity of 2.2 m3 was operated for over three months to evaluate its performance treating real recycled paper industry wastewater under different operational conditions. In this study, dissolved air floatation (DAF) and clarifier effluents were used as influent sources of the(More)
The compounds that mainly interfere with perchlorate reduction in contaminated tap water, nitrate and dissolved oxygen (DO), were reduced using a fluidized bed bioreactor. Nitrate was reduced to below the maximum level of contamination adopted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 10 ppm, and the percentages of nitrate were 90, 84 and(More)
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