Rakhimov Rustam Igorevich

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Ultimate goal of ubiquitous computing is to move computers away from the user's focus, by embedding them into the environment. The user will be surrounded by smart and internet powered devices. In this work we describe our research about the Smart Home system. Our solution contains all sorts of smart entities necessary at home. For the interaction with the(More)
Locating objects and subjects is an important problem area for many business and research domains. There were a lot of sample projects related to locating objects using combination of RFID and CEP techniques. The usage of event processing techniques in locating problems mostly related to improvement the performance and reduction the complexity of(More)
Depth map-based recognition for gesture and motion tracking is an efficient and economic method. What the recognition system needs is not color-image delivery but the disparity image transfer. Accuracy of depth-based tracking is cost-effectively high compared with conventional methods based on raw image processing by using the software code. This is why the(More)
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