Rakhim Aitbayev

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We study the computation of the orthogonal spline collocation solution of a linear Dirichlet boundary value problem with a nonselfadjoint or an indefinite operator of the form Lu = a ij (x)ux i x j + b i (x)ux i + c(x)u. We apply a preconditioned conjugate gradient method to the normal system of collocation equations with a preconditioner associated with a(More)
A quadrature Galerkin scheme with the Bogner–Fox–Schmit element for a biharmonic problem on a rectangular polygon is analyzed for existence, uniqueness, and convergence of the discrete solution. It is known that a product Gaussian quadrature with at least three-points is required to guarantee optimal order convergence in Sobolev norms. In this article,(More)
We discuss our preliminary experiences with several parallel two-level additive S c hwarz type domain decomposition methods for the simulation of three-dimensional transonic compressible ows. The focus is on the implementation of the parallel coarse mesh solver which is used to reduce the computational cost and speed up the convergence of the linear(More)
Efficient numerical algorithms are developed and analyzed that implement symmetric multilevel preconditioners for the solution of an orthogonal spline collocation (OSC) discretization of a Dirichlet boundary value problem with a non–self-adjoint or an indefinite operator. The OSC solution is sought in the Hermite space of piecewise bicubic polynomials. It(More)
A quadrature finite element Galerkin scheme for a Dirichlet boundary value problem for the biharmonic equation is analyzed for a solution existence, uniqueness, and convergence. Conforming finite element space of Bogner-Fox-Schmit rectangles and an integration rule based on the two-point Gaussian quadrature are used to formulate the discrete problem. An H(More)
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