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A Reliable Solution to Load Balancing with Trust Based Authentication Enhanced by Virtual Machines
This paper tried to find the reliable solution to the traffic management by adding up the virtual gears into the network and optimizes the congestion problem by using a trust queue which is updated with the broadcast concept of the hello packets. Expand
Phytochemical screening of leaves of Plumeria alba and Plumeria acuminata
Plumeriaalba and Plumeria acuminate is small laticiferous tree or shrub is a native of tropical America, commonly known as White Champa Leaf and stem were evaluated for its phytoconstituents, whichExpand
Potential of a metabolic gene (accA3) of M. leprae as a marker for leprosy reactions.
Understanding the mechanism(s) of reactions in leprosy remains a challenging task for both clinicians and basic scientists. While there is some understanding of host processes associated withExpand
An Eigen-Normal Approach for 3D Mesh Watermarking Using Support Vector Machines
The use of support vector machines (SVM) for watermarking of 3D mesh models is investigated. SVMs have been widely explored for images, audio, and video watermarking but to date the potential of SVMsExpand
In this paper we review different Steganography techniques for hiding the data. Steganography is a technique of hiding the data in any media in such a way that it remains confidential. This paperExpand
Introgression of a drought insensitive grain yield QTL for improvement of four Indian bread wheat cultivars using marker assisted breeding without background selection
In wheat, a major yield QTL ( Qyld.csdh.7AL ) contributing ~ 20% to the variation for grain yield under drought was introgressed into each of the four Indian wheat cultivars (HUW234, HUW468, K307 andExpand
A reliable solution of path optimisation in LEACH protocol by implementing trust-based neural network
The mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are an infrastructure-less network consisting of a collection of wireless mobile self-directed nodes that communicate with each other without using any centralised authority. Expand
Lossless Watermarking in JPEG 2000 for EPR Data Hiding
With the advances in telemedicine, watermarking for Electronic Patient Record(EPR) data hiding has gained profound importance. Most of the techniques proposed for EPR data hiding are not compressionExpand
Marker-assisted pyramiding of genes/QTL for grain quality and rust resistance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
In common wheat, genes/QTL for a number of traits including grain quality and resistance against all the three rusts were pyramided in the background of an erstwhile elite Indian wheat cv. PBW343.Expand
Tuning and Analysis of Fractional Order Controllers for Hard Disk Drive Servo System
Hard-Disk-Drive Servo systems are mechatronic systems that demands for high precision control of output of the system. The head positioning servo system is to maintain the read/write head at aExpand