Rakhi P Jattani

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The CARD11 signaling scaffold transmits signaling between antigen receptors on B and T lymphocytes and the transcription factor NF-κB during the adaptive immune response. CARD11 activity is controlled by an inhibitory domain (ID), which participates in intramolecular interactions and prevents cofactor binding prior to receptor triggering. Oncogenic CARD11(More)
NF-κB activation downstream of antigen receptor engagement is a highly regulated event required for lymphocyte activation during the adaptive immune response. The pathway is often dysregulated in lymphoma, leading to constitutive NF-κB activity that supports the aberrant proliferation of transformed lymphocytes. To identify novel regulators of antigen(More)
Several classes of signaling proteins contain autoinhibitory domains that prevent unwarranted signaling and coordinate the induction of activity in response to external cues. CARD11, a scaffold protein critical for antigen receptor signaling to NF-κB, undergoes autoregulation by a poorly understood inhibitory domain (ID), which keeps CARD11 inactive in the(More)
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