Rakhi Chhaganbhai Patel

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Cardiac involvement in HIV infection was previously believed to be an unusual manifestation of the disease, but is now being described with increasing frequency. It may be a well-characterized cardiac disease occurring coincidentally in an AIDS patient, a complication of AIDS or its treatment, or possibly a direct result of HIV infection of the heart. In(More)
Toxicity associated with a second autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplant (APBSCT) in patients who relapse following initial APBSCT for multiple myeloma (MM) has not been well described. We conducted a retrospective, case-series of 25 consecutive patients who received a second APBSCT for relapsed or progressive disease following prior APBSCT to(More)
Cardiac disease is being recognized as a complication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, as more effective therapy is producing longer survival in patients with HIV infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Cardiac disease may occur coincidentally in a patient with AIDS, as a complication of AIDS, as a result of therapy for(More)
The use of dermal graft in the surgical repair of vaginal vault prolapse following hysterectomy is described. This tissue offers several advantages when compared with other materials frequently used. It is homologous, readily available, and easy to obtain; it has good strength and does not provoke foreign-body reactions or infections.
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is responsible for significant morbidity and mortality in the United States and other countries. Cardiac involvement in AIDS, which was previously felt to be an unusual manifestation of the disease, is now being described with increasing frequency. Clinical and necropsy studies have demonstrated myocarditis,(More)
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