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Metal cutting mechanics is quite complicated and it is very difficult to develop a comprehensive model which involves all cutting parameters affecting machining variables. In this study, machining variables such as cutting forces and surface roughness are measured during turning at different cutting parameters such as approaching angle, speed, feed and(More)
Intrusion detection forms an indispensable component of cyber security. To keep pace with the growing trends of blackhat community, there is an urgent need to replace single layer detection technology with multi layer detection. Our practical experiences depicted the retrieval of attack evidences from system traces. This paper signifies the integration of(More)
The single detection component of Honeynet i.e. Snort is not sufficient to reasonably classify the total Honeynet malicious domain. The critical issue is the realization of detection layers for enhanced analysis of cyber threats. This paper presents significance & results obtained following integration of host layer in the form of open source HIDS(More)
Cellular Manufacturing is one such strategy, which has emerge as an important technique to cope up with fast changing industrial demands and for the application of newer manufacturing systems. This research work has been carried out as a case study in an automotive parts manufacturing company with the objective of designing the cells, evaluating it and(More)
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