Rakesh S. Kulkarni

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The ovarian and hepatic protein, lipid and cholesterol content were estimated in the fish, N. notopterus after exposing it to heavy metals at sublethal concentrations. The protein, lipid and cholesterol content of ovary and liver got reduced and amongst the three exposures (mercuric chloride, cadmium chloride and their combination) it was significantly(More)
Area wise, the measurement of LC50 for pollutants is of great value in predicting the safe concentration dose of the contaminant in the environment on different aquatic species. The lethality of toxic substances including heavy metals to the aquatic organisms are usually assessed by following static bio-assay or continuous flow methods. The toxicity tests(More)
In the present study tissue cholesterol and serum cortisol changes during two reproductive phases have been correlated in the freshwater fish Notopterus notopterus. The reproductive cycle of N. notopterus has two phases such as breeding phase (April - August) and non breading phase (October - December). The cholesterol content of the ovary and liver(More)
The fecundity studies on Channa punctatus revealed that there is a relationship between length of the fish with fecundity, weight of the fish and ovary with fecundity. The length and fecundity exhibit curvilinear relationship and a straight line relationship is observed between fecundity and body weight. Fecundity and ovary weight also exhibited linear(More)
The parameters for complete hydrolysis of L-phenyl acetyl phenylglycine (L-PAPG) using immobilized penicillin G acylase (IMEPGA) were investigated. IMEPGA exhibited maximum activity at pH 8.5 and 50 degrees C. The apparent Km value observed was 10 mM. Quantitative hydrolysis (>97%) of the L-PAPG was achieved within 45 min, at pH 7.8 and 37 degrees C, when(More)
The condition of the female fish, Notopterus notopterus was studied during four phases of the reproductive cycle in control and after cortisol hormone treatment. The condition of the fish including condition factor (K) and somatic condition factor (Ks) was determined based on weight of the body, length of the fish and gonad weight. In control fish the(More)
In the present study, effect of cortisol on the ovary of the freshwater fish Notopterus notopterus was studied during four phases of the reproductive cycle. The hormone was injected 60microg/fish for ten days. Cortisol in fish is known to increase the metabolic activity. After the hormone treatment the ovarian somatic index and the hepatosomatic index(More)
The study on the mathematical relationship between length and weight of fishes has considerable importance in fishery research especially for the study of fish population dynamics and patterns of growth in fish stocks. This aspect is useful in rationally managing the population of fishes, and is an index of relative robustness of the fish). Variations from(More)
The knowledge of fecundity of fish from a specific aquatic body is extremely important in the successful management and exploitation of its fishery. In the present investigation the fecundity of the freshwater fish, Notopterus notopterus was studied in fish collected from a natural aquatic body (Sirnoor nala) near Gulbarga and also in fish exposed to some(More)