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Gene expression analysis of calcineurin isoforms in T-lymphocytes--a method applied on kidney-transplant recipients.
BACKGROUND Tacrolimus exerts its immunosuppressive effect through inhibition of the intracellular enzyme calcineurin phosphatase (CaN). In this study, we set-up a validated real-time PCR method toExpand
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Genital porokeratosis: A report of two cases and review of literature
Porokeratosis (PK) is an uncommon disorder of keratinization that presents with keratotic papules or annular plaques that expand centrifugally with a thread-like elevated border. Genital involvementExpand
Occurrence of filiform wart over nevus sebaceous: A report of two cases of locus minoris resistentiae
Sir, Locus minoris resistentiae (LMR) is a site that offers lesser resistance or increased vulnerability than the rest of the body to the onset of disease. Trauma, irradiation, healed herpes scars,Expand