Rakesh Ranjan Kumar

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In this Letter, we present the interesting results of photodarkening (PD), transition toward photostability, and a slow crossover from PD to photobleaching when composition of the chalcogenide glassy thin film changes from Ge-deficient to rich. A subsequent Raman analysis on these as-prepared and irradiated samples provide the direct evidence of(More)
Cloud service selection plays a crucial role in terms of on-demand service selection on a subscription basis. As a result of wide-range availability of cloud services with similar functionalities, it is very crucial to determine which service best addresses the user’s desires and objectives. This paper aims to design a new cloud service selection model(More)
With the vast emergence of cloud computing in the recent year, numerous cloud service provider has started to provide similar functionality to the cloud customer. From a customer point of view, it has become very challenging task to select the suitable cloud services. The Quality of Service (QoS) is considered as the most significant factor for appropriate(More)
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