Rakesh Ramnath

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OBJECTIVE To devise a clinically relevant grading system for the sonographic evaluation of parapneumonic effusions, and to evaluate length of hospital stay as a function of treatment approach and sonographic grades. METHODS Chest sonograms of 46 pediatric patients diagnosed with empyemas and admitted to two medical centers in the last 8 years were(More)
Two children presented with painful lytic lesions in the lower extremity. The lesions were located within cortical bone, and surrounded by sclerosis of the medullary bone and periosteal new bone formation. The lesions were painful, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents relieved the pain. CT-guided core biopsies were performed followed by radiofrequency(More)
Chemical depolarization is often used to study neurotransmitter release. Three commonly used depolarizing agents, veratridine, potassium, and glutamate, were evaluated for neurotoxicity. Neuronal survival and lactate dehydrogenase efflux were measured to assay irreversible injury. In addition, video-enhanced differential interference contrast microscopy was(More)
We report the second known case of bicompartmental bucket-handle tears of the medial and lateral menisci and the first documented case of the bucket-handle tears occurring simultaneously following trauma, which occurred after a motorcycle accident. Both bucket-handle fragments were displaced into the intercondylar notch. An anterior cruciate ligament tear(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Perception of the patients regarding the utility of the Preanesthetic Clinics and flow time in clinics has not been widely studied in the developing world. The present study aims to study this aspect. METHODS A self-administered 15-item questionnaire survey was conducted among patients attending the Preanesthetic Clinics at a(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the MR characteristics of SONK-like (spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee) subchondral abnormalities in the adult atraumatic knee and to recategorize these patients into two subgroups: a subacute to chronic process associated with osteoarthritis and an acute process associated with insufficiency fractures. DESIGN We(More)
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