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This paper presents the architecture of Almond, an open, crowdsourced, privacy-preserving and programmable virtual assistant for online services and the Internet of Things (IoT). Included in Almond is Thingpedia, a crowdsourced public knowledge base of open APIs and their natural language interfaces. Our proposal addresses four challenges in virtual(More)
With increase in network connectivity and possibility of low cost cloud resources, dynamic task offloading to cloud seems to be an ideal solution to improve performance of mobile devices along with saving on battery consumption. Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) allows extending limited resources available on mobile devices to execute complex and rich mobile(More)
This paper deals with the development of an intelligent, Ethernet based, open architecture controlled machine tool. With rapid advancement in automation technologies, remote control of manufacturing systems is likely to gain greater ground in the coming years. PC-based, open architecture controllers help bridge the gap between traditional manufacturing(More)
Search engine companies collect the database information and histories of the users from search queries. These search information are useful for the researchers. Search engine companies are publishing different search information in order not to release sensitive information of the users. In this paper, I analyze algorithms for publishing relevant keywords,(More)
Virtual assistants are the cutting edge of end user interaction, thanks to endless set of capabilities across multiple services. The natural language techniques thus need to be evolved to match the level of power and sophistication that users expect from virtual assistants. In this report we investigate an existing deep learning model for semantic parsing,(More)
It is a big task to provide the accuracy of discovered relevance features in text documents for describing user requirements. Classification of data is biggest issue in more text documents because they have large number of words and data patterns. Most existing popular methods are used by word-based approaches. Still, they have all suffered from the(More)
Predefined categories can be assigned to the natural language text using for text classification. It is a “bag-of-word” representation, previous documents have a word with values, it represents how frequently this word appears in the document or not. But large documents may face many problems because they have irrelevant or abundant information is there.(More)
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