Rakesh Pandey

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The process of fruit ripening is normally viewed distinctly in climacteric and non-climacteric fruits. But, many fruits such as guava, melon, Japanese plum, Asian pear and pepper show climacteric as well as non-climacteric behaviour depending on the cultivar or genotype. Investigations on in planta levels of CO2 and ethylene at various stages of fruits(More)
Background Despite association between H. pylori and gastric neoplasm (GN) from the developed world, studies from India, where infection is more common and acquired early, are scant and contradictory. Methods Two hundred and seventy-nine patients with GN from two northern and one eastern Indian centers during the period 1997–2005, 101 non-ulcer dyspepsia(More)
BACKGROUND The etiology of malabsorption syndrome (MAS) may differ in different geographical regions. Limited data are available on the etiological spectrum of MAS among Indian adults. METHODS Ninety-nine consecutive adult patients with MAS (urine d-xylose <1 g/5 g/5 h with or without increased fecal fat (> or =7 g/24 h) were evaluated for cause of MAS(More)
Pesticides are chemicals used for pest control in the agricultural fields. They finally reach the surrounding water bodies through surface runoff affecting the aquatic fauna. Dimethoate is frequently used organophosphate pesticide due to its high effectiveness and rapid breakdown into environmentally safe products. A 96 hr static acute toxicity test was(More)
During the last decade, advancement of nanotechnology has revolutionized various fields such as electronics, optics, materials science as well as architecture, and medicine. However, their health and environmental impact is not fully understood. TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles (NPs), which are abundantly used for commercial purposes, pose a great risk to(More)
Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) constitutes about 4% of salivary epithelial tumors and is the second common malignant epithelial salivary gland tumor involving both the major and minor salivary glands. High grade transformation in ACC is a recently recognized entity with only a few cases reported in literature. We report the first case of ACC with high grade(More)
The effects of nitrogen [75 and 150 kg (N) ha−1] and elevated CO2 on growth, photosynthetic rate, contents of soluble leaf proteins and activities of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco) and nitrate reductase (NR) were studied on wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. HD-2285) grown in open top chambers under either ambient (AC) or elevated(More)
INTRODUCTION The primary aim of this study was to evaluate the ability of radiologists to accurately estimate pneumothorax and pulmonary haemorrhage during percutaneous co-axial cutting needle CT-guided lung biopsy. METHODOLOGY Patients undergoing cutting needle lung biopsy during the study period were identified; the path taken by the cutting needle(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE MRI) with diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) for predicting tumor infiltration in a conventional MRI normal-appearing internal capsule adjacent to the tumor in patients with glioblastoma multiforme. METHODS Thirty patients with glioblastoma multiforme underwent a neurological(More)
The development of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders (PTLD) is a well-recognized complication of solid organ transplantation in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy. The literature on PTLD in live renal allograft recipients is scarce and most of the data pertains to PTLD in cadaveric transplants. As live donor grafts form the mainstay of(More)