Rakesh P. Dhote

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This paper focuses on the numerical simulation of martensitic transformations in shape memory alloys (SMAs) using a phase-field model. We developed a dynamic thermo-mechanical model for SMAs, using strain based order parameter, having bi-directional coupling between structural and thermal physics via strain, strain rate and temperature. The model involves(More)
A variational formulation and numerical implementation of the phase-field models for shape memory alloys using distributed computing are reported in the paper. The numerical implementation is based on the isogeometric analysis framework, constituting the rich NURBS basis functions. The phase field models are developed using the strain based order parameter(More)
Employing the Ginzburg-Landau phase-field theory, a new coupled dynamic thermo-mechanical 3D model has been proposed for modeling the cubic-to-tetragonal martensitic transformations in shape memory alloy (SMA) nanostructures. The stress-induced phase transformations and thermo-mechanical behavior of nanostructured SMAs have been investigated. The mechanical(More)
MEMS based heatuators are being used extensively for actuation purposes. The conventional heatuators have different arm widths while this paper proposes a variant design that has equal widths but unequal resistances. The new design brings in the advantages of faster response and greater deflections for similar conditions. The heatuators have been simulated(More)
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