Rakesh Kumar Singhal

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In this work, tyrosine-protected gold nanoparticles (Tyr-Au NPs) were fabricated by one-step reduction of Au3+ ion using Tyr as a reducing and capping agent under microwave irradiation. The Tyr-Au(More)
In this work, water dispersible fluorescent carbon nanocrystals (NCs) were synthesized by a simple, green and low cost hydrothermal method using Syzygium cumini (jamun) as a carbon source at 180 °C(More)
One-step green microwave synthetic approach was developed for the synthesis of copper nanoclusters (Cu NCs) and used as a fluorescent probe for the sensitive detection of thiram and paraquat in water(More)
Herein, fluorescent gold nanoclusters (Au NCs) were obtained by one-pot synthetic method using bovine serum albumin (BSA) and bromelain as templates. As-synthesized fluorescent Au NCs were stable and(More)