Rakesh Kumar Mishra

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Here we show that the transcription-repressor DREAM binds to the A20 promoter to repress the expression of A20, the deubiquitinase suppressing inflammatory NF-κB signaling. DREAM-deficient (Dream −/−) mice displayed persistent and unchecked A20 expression in response to endotoxin. DREAM functioned by transcriptionally repressing A20 through binding to(More)
This paper describes development of a simulator for airborne altimetric LiDAR. Main aim of simulator is to replicate the functioning of LiDAR sensor and generate data for a given terrain with specified parameters of the sensor and trajectory. The simulator has three components: 1) Terrain component, 2) Sensor component, and 3) Platform component. The(More)
Topographic data are fundamental for several applications. The latest technique for topographic data collection is Airborne Altimetric LiDAR. However, LiDAR data is not available for research and education as required. This paper describes the object oriented design methods used to develop a software system to simulate the functioning of an airborne(More)
How sex is determined has been one of the most intriguing puzzles in biology since antiquity. Although a fundamental process in most metazoans, there seems to be myriad of ways in which sex can be determined – from genetic to environmental sex determination. This variation is limited mainly to upstream triggers with the core of sex determination pathway(More)
There are several applications of vehicle information (position, speed, and direction). WorldView-2 satellite has three sensors: one Pan and two MS (MS-1: BGRN1, Pan, and MS-2:CYREN2). Because of a slight time gap in acquiring images from these sensors, the WorldView-2 images capture three different positions of the moving vehicles. This paper proposes a(More)
Smart Phones are packed up with applications in the domain of healthcare, social networking etc and require substantial network data connectivity for operations. Network services are primarily affected by the quality of radio signals and congestion in the cell. NeSen [1][2] is a tool incorporated at the Mobile Terminal (MT) end to measure the network(More)
— Cloud computing is an area that is rapidly gaining popularity in both academia and industry. Cloud-Analyst is useful tool to model and analyze cloud computing environment and applications before actual deployment of cloud products. Service broker controls the traffic routing between user bases and data centers based on different service broker policies.(More)