Rakesh Kulkarni

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Print supply chain includes document design, material procurement, document creation, production, warehousing and delivery. Several small and medium scale industry players are involved in this supply chain process. Thus the print supply chain network is a loosely coupled system of spatially dispersed independent companies, working together for delivering(More)
A new class of potent PI3Kα inhibitors is identified based on aryl substituted morpholino-triazine scaffold. The identified compounds showed not only a high level of enzymatic and cellular potency in nanomolar range but also high oral bioavailability. The three lead molecules (based on their in vitro potency) when evaluated further for in vitro metabolic(More)
Today more and more Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) strategies are introduced nationwide to reduce congestion and maintain desired service levels on freeways. High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes (form of managed lanes) is one such ITS strategy. HOT lanes are intended to maintain certain level of service such as average speed, throughput, etc. One of the(More)
Cognitive radio techniques make full use of spectrum resources via dynamic spectrum access technique. This paper presents a collision avoidance algorithm with the addition of jitter in multi-hop cognitive network. In a multi-hop Cognitive Radio system in which information needs to be relayed over multiple wireless links and secondary users have to(More)
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