Rakesh Khosa

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An investigation of the scaling characteristics of vegetation and temperature data derived from LANDSAT data was undertaken for a heterogeneous area in Tamil Nadu, India. A wavelet-based multiresolution technique decomposed the data into large-scale mean vegetation and temperature fields and fluctuations in horizontal, diagonal, and vertical directions at(More)
Hydrologic regionalization deals with the investigation of homogeneity in watersheds and provides a classification of watersheds for regional analysis. The classification thus obtained can be used as a basis for mapping data from gauged to ungauged sites and can improve extreme event prediction. This paper proposes a wavelet power spectrum (WPS) coupled(More)
Landfilling is one of the most widely used techniques, despite its numerous environmental problems, for the treatment and disposal of solid wastes. Significant effort has been directed toward the development of improved landfill designs to reduce the negative environmental impacts. Still, at present, about three quarters of the countries and territories(More)
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