Rakesh K. Kapania

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GMRES(k) is widely used for solving nonsymmetric linear systems. However, it is inadequate either when it converges only for k close to the problem size or when numerical error in the modified Gram–Schmidt process used in the GMRES orthogonalization phase dramatically affects the algorithm performance. An adaptive version of GMRES(k) which tunes the restart(More)
Recent transonic airliner designs have generally converged upon a common cantilever low-wing configuration. It is unlikely that further large strides in performance are possible without a significant departure from the present design paradigm. One such alternative configuration is the strut-braced wing, which uses a strut for wing bending load alleviation,(More)
Sinc approximate methods are often used to solve complex boundary value problems such as problems on unbounded domains or problems with endpoint singularities. A recent implementation of the Sinc method [Li, C. and Wu, X., Numerical solution of differential equations using Sinc method based on the interpolation of the highest derivatives, Applied(More)
With advanced subsonic transports and military aircraft operating in the transonic regime, it is becoming important to determine the effects of the coupling between aerodynamic loads and elastic forces. Because aeroelastic effects can signiŽ cantly impact the design of these aircraft, there is a strong need in the aerospace industry to predict these(More)
Force and moment balances have proved to be essential in the measurement and calculation of aerodynamic properties during wind tunnel testing. With the recent advancements of technology, new fiber optic sensors have been designed to replace the conventional foil strain gage sensors commonly found on balances, thereby offering several distinct advantages.(More)
The research presented in this dissertation investigates the use of all-at-once methods applied to aerodynamic design. All-at-once schemes are usually based on the assumption of sufficient continuity in the constraints and objectives, and this assumption can be troublesome in the presence of shock discontinuities. Special treatment has to be considered for(More)
The influence of physical forces exerted by or felt by cells on cell shape, migration, and cytoskeleton arrangement is now widely acknowledged and hypothesized to occur due to modulation of cellular inside-out forces in response to changes in the external fibrous environment (outside-in). Our previous work using the non-electrospinning Spinneret-based(More)
A methodology for designing active control laws in a computational aeroelasticity environment is given. The methodology involves employing a systems identification technique to develop an explicit statespace model for control law design from the output of a computational aeroelasticity code. The particular computational aeroelasticity code employed in this(More)