Rakesh Chandra Gangwar

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Speech recognition is a vast research field for researchers in modern era. Earlier, the human language was processed by the computer system for speech recognition. Thus, the main objective is to develop recognition system which improves human to human communication by enabling human-machine communication by processing of text or speech. Various applications(More)
A wireless sensor network (WSN) composed of a enormous quantity of multifunctional wireless sensor nodes. General Self-Organized Tree-Based Energy-Balance Routing Protocol (GSTEB) is a protocol which is proposed for wireless sensor networks and is used to reduce the entire energy utilization and to balance the wireless sensor networks load. Although GSTEB(More)
Secure and efficient group communication in ad hoc networks is a very challenging task. Due to resource constraints in ad hoc networks, the group key agreement protocols must be efficient in various parameters such as number of rounds, number of messages exchanged, exponential computation performed etc. This paper presents various group key agreement(More)
A mobile ad hoc network (MANETs) has become necessity in today's world. It has significant advantage when it is compared to the structured based network. Due to high demand of MANET, its performance is considered prior during implementation. Performance of MANET depends upon life time of network which further depends on various parameters such as, energy,(More)
— Automatic person authentication is an important task in our day to day life. Earlier method of establishing a person's Authenticate includes knowledge based like password or token base like id cards. These identities may be lost stolen or shared by any person .For these reasons they are not suitable for authentication. Biometrics refers a technology to(More)
Now-a-days Internet has become the common media of communication. Many group communication application such as pay-per-view, stock quote distribution, voice-and video-conferencing, white-boards, distributed simulations, and replicated servers of all types, etc can easily be conducted on the Internet. For conducting such applications, group key is often(More)
Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is a self organized network which connects vehicles on the road with each other and with road side units (RSU) to improve and maintain the safety on road and to manage traffic. To provide communication among vehicles, routing protocols are used. In this paper, we examine the working of some routing protocols in VANET(More)
Data aggregation at the bottom station with entity nodes act as the root for overflow of the information which consequences in peak power utilization. To diminish this dilemma a new data aggregation technique has been proposed called ERA which has improved the performance of the WSNs by using the group based data aggregation but even then it has some(More)
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