Rakesh Bisht

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Wireless sensor networks are mainly designed for environment monitoring. The lifetime of wireless sensor networks depends on the durability of the battery resource sensors, so it is crucial for sensors to efficiently use their limited battery resources. The energy expends by sensors in data communication makes up a significant quantum of their total amount(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have become an active research area for the researchers due to their widely used range of application potential in areas such as target detection and tracking, environmental monitoring, industrial process monitoring, and tactical systems. Usually, after the deployment of sensor nodes in the hazardous, hostile or remote areas,(More)
The objective of this paper is to introduce the work of information technology in the process industry. In the industry the time is used as the money. So here the main task is to save time. In the industry the maximum time spent due to the waste. Lean Manufacturing is a term that is used to reduce the waste from the industry. It also use the information(More)
Multi-hop wireless sensor networks are designed for environment surveillance, wherein sensor nodes are deployed in a special environment and are powered by a limited battery. The lifetime of a multi-hop WSN depends on the durability of the sensor nodes battery resources. In this paper, we proposed the designing of a new MAC protocol that allowing the sensor(More)
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