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Association of sickle cell trait with chronic kidney disease and albuminuria in African Americans.
IMPORTANCE The association between sickle cell trait (SCT) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) is uncertain. OBJECTIVE To describe the relationship between SCT and CKD and albuminuria inExpand
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Stress-related racial discrimination and hypertension likelihood in a population-based sample of African Americans: the Metro Atlanta Heart Disease Study.
OBJECTIVE Exposure to racial discrimination has been identified as an adverse biopsychosocial stressor that may be related to the prevalence of hypertension in African Americans. The overallExpand
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Platelet-Related Variants Identified by Exomechip Meta-analysis in 157,293 Individuals.
Platelet production, maintenance, and clearance are tightly controlled processes indicative of platelets' important roles in hemostasis and thrombosis. Platelets are common targets for primary andExpand
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Social determinants of cardiovascular health among black and white women residing in Stroke Belt and Buckle regions of the South.
OBJECTIVE To assess the associations of social determinants on cardiovascular health among White and Black residing in Stroke Belt (urban) and Stroke Buckle (rural) regions of the South. DESIGN AExpand
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Perceived neighborhood problems are associated with shorter telomere length in African American women
OBJECTIVES African Americans (AA) experience higher levels of stress related to living in racially segregated and poor neighborhoods. However, little is known about the associations between perceivedExpand
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Influence of socioeconomic status on the whole blood transcriptome in African Americans
Background The correlation between low socioeconomic status (SES) and poor health outcome or higher risk of disease has been consistently reported by many epidemiological studies across variousExpand
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Social determinants of cardiovascular disease risk factor presence among rural and urban Black and White men.
BACKGROUND: Social determinants of health are increasingly being addressed as a causal factor for disparities in health. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of specified socialExpand
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The Managing Epilepsy Well Network:: Advancing Epilepsy Self-Management.
Epilepsy, a complex spectrum of disorders, affects about 2.9 million people in the U.S. Similar to other chronic disorders, people with epilepsy face challenges related to management of the disorder,Expand
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Large-Scale Exome-wide Association Analysis Identifies Loci for White Blood Cell Traits and Pleiotropy with Immune-Mediated Diseases.
White blood cells play diverse roles in innate and adaptive immunity. Genetic association analyses of phenotypic variation in circulating white blood cell (WBC) counts from large samples of otherwiseExpand
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Associations of Apelin, Visfatin, and Urinary 8-Isoprostane With Severe Hypertension in African Americans: The MH-GRID Study.
BACKGROUND Apelin is an adipokine directly associated with adiposity, insulin resistance, and decreased blood pressure. Urinary 8-isoprostane is a marker of chronic oxidative endothelial stress.Expand
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