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— Cobb angle, which is a measure of spinal curvature, is the standard method for quantifying the magnitude of Scoliosis, related to spinal deformity in orthopedics. Determining the Cobb angle through manual process is subject to human errors. In this work, we propose a methodology to measure the magnitude of Cobb angle, which appreciably reduces the(More)
A novel method for enhancement of digital X-ray images of bones is presented in this paper. It has come to observation that the proposed method based on the Gaussian higher order derivative shows an appreciable enhancement of edges in digital X-ray images of bones that can be used for detection of various bone deformities as well as for the better(More)
—We propose an adaptive approach for 'non local means (NLM)'image filtering termed as 'non local adaptive clipped means (NLACM)', which reduces the effect of outliers and improves the denoising quality as compared to traditional NLM. Common method to neglect outliers from a data population is computation of mean in a range defined by mean and standard(More)
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