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The interplay between superconductivity (SC) and ferromagnetism (FM) when embedded together has attracted unprecedented research interest due to very rare coexistence of these two phenomena. The focus has been mainly put into the proximity induced effects like, coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity, higher critical current, triplet(More)
In an effort to understand the fundamental physics of turbulent transport of particles and heat in a tokamak, the floating potential fluctuations in the the scrape-off layer plasma of ohmically heated ADITYA tokamak are analysed for self-similarity using distribution function approach. It is observed that the distribution function of a sum of n data points(More)
We report on the impact of hydrostatic pressure on the superconductivity of optimally (indium)-doped SnTe which is established to be derived from a topological crystalline insulating phase. Single crystals of Sn(1-x)In(x)Te were synthesized by a modified Bridgman method that exhibited maximum superconducting Tc of 4.4 K for x = 0.5. Hydrostatic pressure up(More)
Stream re-aeration is an extremely important component to enhance the self-purification capacity of streams. To estimate the dissolved oxygen (DO) present in the river, estimation of re-aeration coefficient is mandatory. Normally, the re-aeration coefficient is expressed as a function of several stream variables, such as mean stream velocity, shear stress(More)
The influence of electron doping on semimetallic SrFBiS2 has been investigated by means of resistivity, zero and transverse  -  field (ZF/TF) muon spin relaxation/rotation (μSR) experiments. SrFBiS2 is semimetallic in its normal state and small amounts of La doping results in bulk superconductivity at 2.8 K, at ambient pressure. The temperature dependence(More)
We measured the resistivity of pulsed-laser-deposited BaCeO3 (BCO)-doped YBCO thin films containing spherical BCO particles in fields up to 30 T. The average diameter of the particles depends on the dopant concentration being below 4 nm in all the samples. Raised values of the upper critical field, Bc2, were observed in all the samples. Additionally, the(More)
Photovoltaic effect (infrared and visible light) is observed in bone and its two major components, collagen and apatite, at room temperature. A dimunition in the magnitude of photovoltage is observed after exposure to ultraviolet light in all the cases. The drift mobility of the charge carriers is obtained by measuring I versus V relationships in sandwich(More)
Combining multiple emergent correlated properties such as superconductivity and magnetism within the topological matrix can have exceptional consequences in garnering new and exotic physics. Here, we study the topological surface states from a noncentrosymmetric α-BiPd superconductor by employing angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and(More)
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