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A recent study argued, based on data on functional genome size of major phyla, that there is evidence life may have originated significantly prior to the formation of the Earth. Here a more refined regression analysis is performed in which 1) measurement error is systematically taken into account, and 2) interval estimates (e.g., confidence or prediction(More)
A simple technique has been described by Wigglesworth (1937) for the determination of chloride in as little as 0-3 ,ul. of fluid. This is based on the Volhard titration and has been used in this Laboratory since 1947 for the examination of fish and crustacean blood. While the results obtained were satisfactory, the tedious back titration and the(More)
A recent study reported that there is evidence life may have originated prior to the formation of the Earth. That conclusion was based on a regression analysis of a certain data set involving evolution of functional genome size across major phyla. Here it is shown that if measurement errors and “confidence” intervals are taken into account, then the(More)
Knudsen effusion mass spectrometry (KEMS) is a very powerful technique for studying the vaporization thermodynamics of inorganic systems at high temperatures. Although primarily one examines the vapor phase, information about condensed phases are also obtained through careful measurements and analysis of the results in accordance with the phase rule. In(More)
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