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A family II cellulose-binding domain (CBD) of an exoglucanase/xylanase (Cex) from the bacterium Cellulomonas fimi was replaced with the family I CBD of cellobiohydrolase I (CbhI) from the fungus Trichoderma reesei. Expression of the hybrid gene in Escherichia coli yielded up to 50 mg of the hybrid protein, CexCBDCbhI, per liter of culture supernatant. The(More)
  • E S Kumar, A Sumathi, H A Zubar, Rong Hao, Weida He, Chuan Zhang +17 others
  • 2015
Grid computing links disparate computers having free resources to form a low cost infrastructure. Grid computing can provide enormous opportunities for organizations to use resources from multiple geographical locations. For efficient utilization of available resources, grid scheduling plays an important role in the grid system. Scheduling is challenging in(More)
An attempt was made in this work to develop a strain-level molecular marker for unambiguous authentication of two Azospirillum inoculants, viz. A. lipoferum (strain Az204) and A. brasilense (strain Sp7). The sequence-characterized amplified region (SCAR) markers obtained from DNA fingerprints were designed for discrete detection of the strains. The SCAR(More)
  • R Antony, G Nandagopal, S Rangabhashiyam, N Selvaraju
  • 2014
The present work proposes towards flow pattern prediction in a liquid-liquid microchannel flow through a circular channel. Mass transfer in a microchannel mainly depends on the flow regime inside the channel. The liquid-liquid two phase flow regime in a microchannel depends on the flow velocity and the junction characteristics. Hence, the prediction of(More)
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