Raju Patil

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— Static cameras are pervasive in a variety of environments. However it remains a challenging problem to extract and reason about high-level features from real-time and continuous observation of an environment. In this paper, we present CAMEO, the Camera Assisted Meeting Event Observer, which is a physical awareness system designed for use by an agent-based(More)
— We have designed a physical awareness system called CAMEO, the Camera Assisted Meeting Event Observer, which consists of a multi-camera omnidirectional vision system designed to be used in meeting environments. CAMEO is designed to monitor the activities of people in meetings so that it can generate a sematically-indexed summary of what occured in the(More)
Early and timely pedo-orthodontic treatment is aimed at eliminating the disturbances of skeletal or dentoalveolar development, to harmonize the stomatognathic system before the full eruption of all permanent teeth. The advantages of pendulum appliance are its minimal dependence on patient's compliance (child cooperation), ease of fabrication, onetime(More)
Congenitally missing teeth (CMT) are among one of the commonly known dental anomalies. The most frequently missing teeth in the permanent dentition, excluding the third molars, are mandibular second premolars and maxillary lateral incisors. Exclusive agenesis of both maxillary canines is an extremely rare occurrence and only a few cases have been reported.(More)
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