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Political Characteristics and Competition Law Enactment: A Cross-Country Empirical Analysis
Existing empirical research on the factors that motivate the enactment of competition laws has largely focused on economic determinants rather than political ones. This article fills that gap byExpand
National Security, Personal Insecurity, and Political Conspiracies: The Persistence of Americans' Beliefs in 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
IntroductionThe election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States has rekindled a discussion of conspiracy theories as they relate to governance and national security.1 As aExpand
Economic Returns from Social and Political Globalization: Does Signaling Help Developing and Transition Countries to Attract Foreign Direct Investment?
I examine whether a developing or transition country’s political and social engagement in the international system – labeled as a country’s political and social globalization – has a positiveExpand
Capitalism, Antitrust, and Democracy
The articles included in this symposium examine the interesting relationships that capitalism, democracy, and antitrust share with each other. These articles examine how antitrust laws and practicesExpand
Survival of the Fastest: Using Sequential Pattern Analysis to Measure Efficiency of Complex Organizational Processes
A novel sequence transverse velocity measurement of the sequential decision processes from the itemset transition speed of frequent subsequences is proposed and its related computational tools are demonstrated. Expand
Developing Countries, Political Clientilism, and Weymouth’s “Tug of War” Model of Antitrust Reform
Stephen Weymouth’s article, ‘‘Competition Politics: Interest Groups, Democracy, and Antitrust Reform in Developing Countries,’’ argues that the political determinants of competition policy reform,Expand
Ordoliberalism in European Competition Policy
Similar to the two North American countries—Canada and the United States—the European Union has a fairly long history with the adoption and administering of their competition law. The heterogeneityExpand