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BACKGROUND Patients undergoing corrective surgery for scoliosis of spine are commonly ventilated in our institute after the operation. Postoperative mechanical ventilation (PMV) and subsequent prolongation of intensive care unit stay are associated with increase in medical expenditure and complications such as ventilator-associated pneumonia. Identification(More)
BACKGROUND Type V osteogenesis imperfecta is characterized by hyperplastic callus formation and interosseus membrane calcification. CASE CHARACTERISTICS A 16-year-old boy who presented with history of recurrent fractures, had hard persistent swellings at fracture sites, and had radiographic features of hyperplastic callus and interosseus membrane(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the safety and efficacy of staged reconstruction of distal femoral (supracondylar) bone loss using autologous fibular strut, cortico-cancellous bone grafting. DESIGN Single Centre, Observational study, with review of literature. SETTING Urban Level I Trauma Centre,Patients/Participants. 18 consecutive patients (mean age: 35± 8.5(More)
BACKGROUND The use of central neuraxial block (CNB) in patients with spinal injuries with or without spinal cord injury continues to be a contentious issue due to paucity of evidence supporting or refuting its use. There are only a few case reports reporting the use of the technique in these patients. We performed a retrospective record review of patients(More)
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