Raju Barskar

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E-Commerce offers the banking industry great opportunity, but also creates a set of new risks and vulnerability such as security threats. Information security, therefore, is an essential management and technical requirement for any efficient and effective Payment transaction activities over the internet. Still, its definition is a complex endeavor due to(More)
The touchy evolution and well-known approachability of free underwritten media gratified on the internet have led to surge of research activity in hypermedia as well as web image search. Organizations that rub on text search procedure for amalgamation search have flourished limited accomplishment as they completely disregard visual content as a ranking(More)
Generation of compound-complex sentences for English tutorial system is a challenging task, because of the Users that interact with this system they make English influent by using this tutorial system and ability of English tutorial system helps users to make growth in any kind of business and organization by taking advantage of English language. The task(More)
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