Rajshree Mandal

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Facial expressions of a person representing similar emotion are not always unique. Naturally, the facial features of a subject taken from different instances of the same emotion have wide variations. In the presence of two or more facial features, the variation of the attributes together makes the emotion recognition problem more complicated. This variation(More)
Manifestation of a given emotion on facial expression is not always unique, as the facial attributes in different instances of similar emotional experiences may vary widely. When a number of facial attributes are used to recognize the emotion of a subject, the variation of individual attributes together makes the problem more complicated. This variation is(More)
The paper aims at developing a hierarchical algorithm for matching a given template of × on an image of × pixels partitioned into equal sized blocks of × pixels. The algorithm employs a fuzzy metric to measure the dispersion of individual feature of a block with respect to that of the template. A fuzzy threshold, preset by the user, is employed to restrict(More)
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