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This letter presents a new filtering scheme based on contrast enhancement within the filtering window for removing the random valued impulse noise. The application of a nonlinear function for increasing the difference between a noise-free and noisy pixels results in efficient detection of noisy pixels. As the performance of a filtering system, in general,(More)
For proper and efficient design of wireless sensor network, minimum energy consumption within the sensors and a longer lifespan of sensor network has been posing a serious challenge for the engineers and scientists. Clustering infrastructure which allows efficient use of available resource has great potential in solving the problems of resource limited(More)
As the performance of the filtering system depends upon the accuracy of the noise detection scheme, in this paper we present a new scheme for impulse noise detection based on the local contents of the selected spatial window. In the proposed scheme we also use a noise estimator to decide the number of iterations during the first pass of the filtering. The(More)
Several researchers are concentrated on cancellation of salt and pepper noise from the two-dimensional signals like digital images and uses several filters like mean filter, median filter, trimmed median filter etc. , for removal of noise. A novel approach has been implemented using a filter so called Additive White Median Filter (AWMF) for filtering the(More)
Non-local means (NLM) filtering is an effective and popular image denoising algorithm. It estimates the pixel by taking advantage of redundancy present in a whole image or in a predefined fixed search region. NLM algorithm using fixed size search region for all pixels is unable to preserve the important details such as edges and texture in an image due to(More)
—Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems are very sensitive to carrier frequency offset (CFO), caused by either frequency differences between transmitter and receiver local oscillators or by frequency selective channels. The CFO disturbs the orthogonality among subcarriers of OFDM system and results intercarrier interference (ICI), which(More)
In this paper a two stage image filtering scheme is presented. In the firest stage adaptive neuro-fuzzy system (ANFIS) based impulse noise detector is used to locate the noisy pixels and in the second stage improved vector median filter is used to provide the accurate value of the corrupt pixel. The training of the detector is accomplished by several(More)