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Non-local means (NLM) filtering is an effective and popular image denoising algorithm. It estimates the pixel by taking advantage of redundancy present in a whole image or in a predefined fixed search region. NLM algorithm using fixed size search region for all pixels is unable to preserve the important details such as edges and texture in an image due to(More)
—Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems are very sensitive to carrier frequency offset (CFO), caused by either frequency differences between transmitter and receiver local oscillators or by frequency selective channels. The CFO disturbs the orthogonality among subcarriers of OFDM system and results intercarrier interference (ICI), which(More)
— To remove random valued impulse noise from colour images, an efficient impulse detection and filtering scheme is presented. The locally adaptive threshold for impulse detection is derived from the pixels of the filtering window. The restoration of the noisy pixel is done on the basis of brightness and chromaticity information obtained from the(More)
The equalization of digital communication channel is an important task in high speed data transmission techniques. The multipath channels cause the transmitted symbols to spread and overlap over successive time intervals. The distortion caused by this problem is called inter-symbol interference (ISI) and is required to be removed for reliable communication(More)
Nonlinear techniques have recently assumed significance as they are able to suppress non-Gaussian and signal dependent noise to preserve important signal elements such as edges and fine details and eliminate degradations occurring during signal formation or transmission through nonlinear channels. Among nonlinear techniques, the fuzzy logic based approaches(More)