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Web services are the key technologies for the web applications developed using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Many outsourced web services can be combined to provide value added services to the users. There are many challenges involved in its implementations. One of the essential challenges is service discovery which involves finding a set of suitable(More)
Business agility is an important challenge while designing an enterprise application. Service oriented architecture is used to combine many outsourced web services to provide value added services to the users with agility. A service registry is maintained to keep track of various web service published by the service providers. The key challenge for the(More)
Geospatial information we gather through different sensors and from the concepts of the geographic objects, is generally vague, imprecise and uncertain. Also, the imprecision becomes obvious due to the multi-granular structure of the multi-sensor satellite images and that leads to error accumulation at every stage in geo-processing.
This study was conducted to assess the optimum period for Kirschner wire fixation and cast immobilization for displaced lateral condylar fracture of the humerus in children. We retrospectively reviewed 12 patients with displaced lateral condyle humerus fracture, ranging in age from 3-9 y, with injuries that occurred between Jan 2005 and Dec 2006. All(More)
SOA helps to provide business agility by configuring entities to maximize loose coupling and reuse. XML is the most relevant means to provide interoperatablity among various entities. When in network, a XML file can be prone to hacking and unauthorized access, thus data integrity and confidentiality are the important issues of communication. Secure(More)
This paper focuses on building a rule based model for a water supplying network using particle swarm optimization and fuzzy clustering. There are various fundamental problems of water supply distribution networks namely distance, quantity, demand, elevation etc. Depending on these factors we get the water at receiving ends in terms of quantity, pressure(More)