Rajni Garg

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Mutations that arise in HIV-1 protease after exposure to various HIV-1 protease inhibitors have proved to be a difficult aspect in the treatment of HIV. Mutations in the binding pocket of the protease can prevent the protease inhibitor from binding to the protein effectively. In the present study, the crystal structures of 68 HIV-1 proteases complexed with(More)
  • Rajni Garg, Naba K Dutta, Namita Roy Choudhury
  • 2014
Graphene is a two dimensional one atom thick allotrope of carbon that displays unusual crystal structure, electronic characteristics, charge transport behavior, optical clarity, physical & mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and much more that is yet to be discovered. Consequently, it has generated unprecedented excitement in the scientific(More)
A data mining study has been done using HIV-1 protease crystal structures complexed with FDA approved HIV-1 protease inhibitor drugs. Chemical descriptors have been computed for the binding pockets of each crystal structure, yielding approximately 600 constitutional, topological, geometric, elecrotostatic, and quantum mechanical descriptors for each(More)
Our ongoing efforts to understand the difference in the binding pattern of HIV-1 protease inhibitor (HIVPI) with the wild-type and mutant HIV-1 protease (HIVPR) and to provide mechanistic insight are continued further. We report here the results of a recent quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) study on monoindazole-substituted P2 analogues of(More)
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