Rajni Banthia

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Cancer-related fatigue is associated with lower health-related quality of life and the majority of breast cancer survivors experience persistent fatigue after finishing treatment. The present study examines age, cancer stage, sleep quality and depressed mood as predictors of five dimensions of fatigue in 70 fatigued breast cancer survivors who no longer(More)
The extent to which religiosity is related to well-being may differ as a function of race/ethnicity, education or income. We asked 155 caregivers to complete measures of religiosity, prayer, physical symptoms and quality of life. Lower education and, to a lesser extent, lower income were correlated with religiosity and prayer. There were few direct(More)
INTRODUCTION Few studies have examined how joint-use agreements between schools and communities affect use of school facilities after hours for physical activity in under-resourced communities. The objective of this study was to assess whether these agreements can increase community member use of these opened spaces outside of school hours. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION Local health departments (LHDs) are dedicating resources and attention to preventing obesity and associated chronic diseases, thus expanding their work beyond traditional public health activities such as surveillance. This study investigated practices of local health departments in California to prevent obesity and chronic disease. METHODS We(More)
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