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We report a rare case of mumps myelitis in which parotid swelling appeared 3 days after the symptoms of myelitis. A 10-year-old boy presented with acute paraplegia of grade I-II on MRC (Medical Research Council) scale and retention of urine with normal sensations. Central motor conduction to tibialis anterior (CMCT-TA) on the right side was 32 ms and 24 ms(More)
A 20-year-old farmer who had headache and fever for 1 month, suddenly developed left hemiplegia, tremor in left arm and titubation followed by deep coma. Cranial CT scan revealed an infarction in right crus of midbrain. His CSF revealed 66 mg/dl protein, 10 lymphocytes/mm3, and 70 mg/dl glucose. CSF was positive for cryptococcal antigen. He improved(More)
To study the central nervous system involvement in Guillain Barre (GB) syndrome, 30 patients with GB syndrome were subjected to clinical evaluation, muscle testing as per Medical Research Council (MRC) scale, disability score on a 0-5 scale and central motor conduction studies to abductor digiti minimum (ADM), abductor pollicis bravis (APB) and tibialis(More)
This study in undertaken to evaluate the pattern of sensory conduction abnormalities in Guillain-Barre (GB) Syndrome. Thirty six patients with GB Syndrome following clinical and CSF examination were subjected to motor conduction studies of median, ulnar and paroneal nerves including F wave latencies and sensory conduction studies of median, ulnar and sural(More)
Post-menopausal bleeding is a common problem with varied etiology in the age group between 50 and 60 years. It is more likely to be of some pathologic cause which needs to be ruled out. Bleeding in a patient after hysterectomy is even rarer with varied causes like atrophic vaginitis, cervical stump cancer, infiltrating ovarian tumors, estrogen secreting(More)
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