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Bronchogenic cyst with stridor and unilateral obstructive emphysema : an unusual presentation
ABSTRACT: Bronchogenic cysts are congenital lesions derived from abnormal budding of the primitive tracheobronchial tree. Many cases of bronchogenic cysts have been reported, but only a few haveExpand
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Unusual features of gall bladder duplication cyst with review of the literature
A 1-month-old female infant presented with a lump in the right hypochondrium extending into the right iliac fossa. Ultrasonography and computed tomography suggested an intestinal duplication cyst orExpand
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Perineal canal : An uncommon entity with good prognosis
This article reports two patients with perineal canal (anovestibular fistula) who were treated at Dept. of Pediatric Surgery, LTMG Hospital, Mumbai. Both the patients had normal anus and a fistulaExpand
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Traumatic urethral fistula
Abstract.An 11-year-old male was passing urine from an opening on the undersurface of the penis as well as from the normal meatal opening. He had passed a calculus per urethra 1.5 years previously.Expand
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Mesenteric inflammatory pseudotumor-an interesting presentation
ABSTRACT: A 3-year old male child presented with distention of abdomen, severe anemia, constipation, lump in lower abdomen and fever. Ultrasonography revealed a mass in the lower abdomen which wasExpand
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Hydatid cyst rupture into stomach
ABSTRACT: An 11-year-old girl presented with chronic abdominal pain and right upper abdominal swelling for 3 months. A CT Scan was suggestive of Hydatid or a simple liver cyst. UltrasonographyExpand
Posttraumatic leptomeningeal cyst-a case report
ABSTRACT: A case report of posttraumatic leptomeningeal cyst in a 10-year old girl is presented. She had a swelling in the right parietal region of the skull since the age of 6 months. There wasExpand
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