Rajneesh Hegde

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The dimension of a partially ordered set (poset) is the minimum integer k such that the partial order can be expressed as the intersection of k total orders. We prove that there exists no polynomial-time algorithm to approximate the dimension of a poset on N elements with a factor of O(N0.5− ) for any > 0, unless NP = ZPP. The same hardness of approximation(More)
A graph G is weakly 4-connected if it is 3-connected, has at least five vertices, and for every pair (A,B) such that A ∪ B = V (G), |A ∩ B| = 3 and no edge has one end in A − B and the other in B − A, one of the induced subgraphs G[A], G[B] has at most four edges. We describe a set of constructions that starting from a weakly 4-connected planar graph G(More)
A shredder in an undirected graph is a set of vertices whose removal results in at least three components. A 3-shredder is a shredder of size three. We present an algorithm that, given a 3-connected graph, finds its 3-shredders in time proportional to the number of vertices and edges, when implemented on a RAM (random access machine).
C18H17NO6.2H2O, Mr = 379.386, monoclinic, P21/c, a = 7.161 (5), b = 12.997 (2), c = 20.290 (3) A, beta = 99.22 (2) degrees, V = 1861.4 A3, Z = 4, Dx = 1.354 g cm-3, Cu K alpha radiation, lambda = 1.5418 A, mu = 9.2 cm-1, F(000) = 800, T = 293 K, final R(F) = 0.051 for 2262 observed reflections. The structure was solved by direct methods and compared to the(More)
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