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With the rapid growth of networked multimedia data systems, cop~-rightProtection of proprietary multimedia work has gained importance. Inw-ting a robust and invisible signal ( tLIafermar-k) that clearly identities the owner or the recipient is beginning to emerge as the solution. We present a novel invisible and robust. watermarking technique for images(More)
Introduction: Since the last 10 years there has been a booming demand for esthetic dentistry, and consequently, the bleaching and whitening products have been made effective augmenting cosmetic dentistry. So a routinely used product and its efficiency in whitening play a major role in esthetics. Objective: The study was aimed at estimating the efficacy of(More)
A study is carried out to investigate the concentrations and distribution of trace metals to the sediments of Tamirabarani River, south east coast of India. Nearly sixteen soil samples collected from river mouth and tributaries and analyzed for traces elements show high-rate concentration of Hg (3.52-24.69μg g) Cu(2.2-17.82μg g), Ni(7.83-15.2μg g),(More)
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