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In this paper a high performance and adaptive commit protocol is presented. The proposed protocol is the result of research into developing a very important relationship between the file storage strategy and techniques to commit transactions. It is demonstrated that the proposed protocol is capable of combining the powers of different methods for committing(More)
This report presents the logical design of the distributed le facility for RHODOS (ResearcH Oriented Distributed Operating System). This design ooers, in general, the same services as a c e n tralized le system, i.e., block service, le service and disk service. However, because of performance, reliability, and distribution reasons the following additional(More)
In this report we present a new le facility architecture where a separate interface is provided to speedup processing of transaction oriented le operations. This interface is event driven and ensures that maximum number of transaction oriented le operations are processed and supervised at a client's workstation. Furthermore, it eeciently coordinates the(More)
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