Rajkumar Tekchandani

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Most of the software systems consist of a number of code clones. Although it makes the task of software development easy but at the same time code cloning may cause several maintenance and cost related problems. A number of clone detection techniques have been proposed so far. In this paper, an approach for selecting a set of appropriate metrics from a list(More)
Knowledge extraction from existing software resources for maintenance, re-engineering and bug removal through code clone detection is an integral part of most of the internet-enabled devices. Similar code fragments which are live at different locations are called code clones. These Internet-enabled devices are used for knowledge sharing and data extraction(More)
In recent decades, the branch of Clone Detection has undergone a great advancement. This progress is due to the development of various methods, which involves the implementation of complex algorithms and tool chains to offer clone detection. Various clone detection methods that are already available include textual comparison, token comparison, and(More)
Code clone genealogy detection has been widely used in refactoring and maintenance of code in software systems. It identifies history of code clones in a source code repository. Existing code clone genealogy detection techniques are based on text similarity for extraction of different versions of program. However, existing proposals in literature for code(More)
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